Monday, December 29, 2008

Emotions Round - Intro

Airtel Super Singer 2008

This round commenced on Dec 29th 2008.

The judges for this round are Srinivas, Unni Krishnan and Anuradha Sriram. The basic format of the round is that each participant has to sing two songs having different emotions. The emotions can be anything from happiness, sadness to love, peace etc.

The judges expect the participants to emote and successfully bring out the emotion of the song in their voice. They wanted the contenders to capture the emotion of the song and bring it out to the fullest.

Tribute to Commercial Cinema - Day 3

Airtel Super Singer 2008

This round was aired on Vijay TV on the days Dec 22, 23 and 24.

The playlist of the videos of Day 3 can be found here.

On day three, ie Dec24, 2008 participants in the Danger Zone, namely, Aruna, Ajeesh, Prasanna and Vijay were asked to sing again.

They were given the liberty to sing any song of their choice. It was a chance for them to impress the judges through their ability. All four performed and the judges wanted to have a discussion on whom to eliminate.

Meanwhile, another Dancing-cum-Singing performance was given by Neha Bhasin, who chose some Hindi song this time.

After the performance the judges called on stage the four people. Then they sent back Ajeesh, Vijay and Prasanna and declared their performances were better than that of Aruna's. A crying Aruna blamed part of her bad performance on voice-module, though she accepted that she didn't do her best.

Tribute to Commercial Cinema - Day 2

Airtel Super Singer 2008

This round was aired on Vijay TV on the days Dec 22, 23 and 24.

The playlist of the videos of Day 2 can be found here.

On day two, ie Dec23, 2008 the male contestants were asked to sing hero introduction songs.

But, before that we had some excitement waiting for us as we had all the participants, judges singing together Oruvan Oruvan from the movie Muthu. It was a entertaining performance by the group.

Vijay was first on stage and he sang the song Koduva Meesa from the Vikram-starrer Dhool. After this entertaining performance we had Ravi on stage who sang Karka Karka from the Kamal-starrer Vettaiadu Vilayadu. This was extremely praised by the judges. Then we had Ajeesh singing Superstar Rajni's Intro song of Padayappa. Though the performance was good it lacked the required punch for a super-star song.

Next on stage was Prasanna who as usual entertained the audience with the song Pokkiri Pongal from Vijay-starrer Pokkiri. After this performance we had Rohit on stage to sing Thevuda Thevuda of Superstar-starrer Chandramuki. It was an excellent performance which was immediately acknowledged by the judges.

After this the judges put 4 people on the danger zone which included Aruna, Ajeesh, Vijay and Prasanna. They would be given another chance to sing the next day.

Tribute to Commercial Cinema - Day 1

Airtel Super Singer 2008

This round was aired on Vijay TV on the days Dec 22, 23 and 24.

The playlist of the videos of Day 1 can be found here.

On day one, ie Dec22, 2008 we had the usual introduction with some small one-liners from the judges Sujatha, Srinivas and Unni Krishnan.

Today all female contestants had to come up with item numbers.

We had Neha Bhasin the famous singer come on stage and sing the song "Sei, Ethavadhu Sei" from movie Billa.

Then the first participant on stage was Ragini who sang Kodana Kodi from the movie Saroja.
Next on stage was Renu who sang the song Machakari from the movie Sillunu oru Kadhal.
Following this we had Ranjini singing Thoothu Varuma from the movie Kaakha Kaakha.
The last performance was by Aruna who sang the song May Masam 98'il from the movie Jay Jay.

All performances were good with the performance of Ranjini leading the pack. According the judges ranked the singers as follows :
1. Ranjini
2. Renu
3. Ragini
4. Aruna
and placed Aruna in the danger zone.

Tribute to Commercial Cinema - Intro

Airtel Super Singer 2008

This round was aired on Vijay TV on the days Dec 22, 23 and 24.

Prior to the commencement of this round we had 9 participants, which included Aruna apart from the eight mentioned here.

This round was introduced as a tribute to the commercial cinema. Item Numbers and Hero Intro songs are one aspect of movie songs which every singer has to embrace. This round tested their ability to perform successfully in such a situation.

The female contestants had to sing the item songs and the male contestants were asked to sing hero introduction songs.

Super Singer 2008

This edition of the show was started in mid 2008 and the expectations were really high and the organizers did live up to the expectations till this very minute.

Thousands of people tried to make a mark through the show. Today the contenders for the top spot are eight. The judges have had a very hard time in selecting the best talents and they have done a good job. The host of the show Chinmayi is one of the best and is apt for the role she plays in the show.

There are currently eight participants. The male contenders are Ravi, Rohit, Prassanna, Vijay and Ajeesh. The female participants are Renu, Ranjini and Ragini.

There is stiff competition and loads of stuff which is yet to come.

The Super Singer Blog

This is the first fan blog that has come up on 'Super Singer', the Tamil Reality Show on Vijay TV.

A 'Little' Bit about Super Singer:
The program was started by Vijay TV, in the year 2006 which saw a huge participation. The following year they conducted a similar show for the kids by the name Super Singer Junior. Then yet again the Super Singer edition was started afresh as Super Singer 2008 which is still garnering huge TRPs. The impressive and lively Vijay TV guys have announced the beginning of the next edition of Super Singer which will be for Juniors again.

A lot more is to come from the Channel to keep you people glued and that is what I'm here for.

I'll get you the latest of the developments in the program. Keep Visiting.